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Judge vs. Nuts by Una Tiers (On Sale Now!)

Fiona Gavelle is living a dismal existence. She works in a dusty law office where she does more secretarial than lawyer work and her husband thinks she should work and keep house simultaneously.

One snowy night, Fiona learns she has been unceremoniously booted from her crummy job, has the final argument with her spouse, leaving her no choice but to move in with her favorite aunt. With little else to do, she drives a friend to the funeral of a judge she saw at a reception. Luck strikes, or does it, when her influential friend finds her a new job and Fiona ends up involved in the probate case of the dead judge.

Before long, Fiona begins to discover things that don’t fit, but blithely moves along trying to focus on building her own law practice. She puts her heart into her work and tries to ignore her personal life, especially the raspy-voiced detective determined to prove the judge was murdered.

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Meet the Author:

Beginning with Sherlock Holmes, Una Tiers (pen name) loves the twists and turns of mysteries. Initially she planned to be a famous author, (after the veterinary dream died down, that is,) but her father encouraged her to go into business.

The business plan didn’t bode too well and Una studied English literature, Speech and Theater. Later, she followed her new dream of becoming a lawyer. Little did she suspect how the practice of law had become a business.

Her favorite authors include Sue Grafton, Harry Mark Petrakis, Miriam Grace Monfredo, and Phyllis Richman. She wrote a story after a particularly unfair incident in court and it grew into Judge vs. Nuts. Keeping in mind her squeamishness, Judge vs. Nuts, is a nice cozy murder mystery suitable for mint tea and ginger cookies.