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Marcel’s Gift by Marie Colligan (On Sale Now)

Marcel's Gift by Marie ColliganOne heart: two men.

She’s found the love of her life, too bad it isn’t the man she’s in love with. Love is fickle. It comes disguised in many forms.

It sneaked up on Canadian artist, Solange Bernard, like an intangible fog, breathing its magic whispers into her heart–compelling her, bewitching her, smothering her in the enchantment that was Ambrose. Her heart should have warned her when it recognized loves’ breathless spell. But she threw off the trappings of guilt and sin and wrapped herself in the shining aura of divine pleasure and discovery with Ambrose.

However, one question loomed with its confounding answer. “How was it possible for her to love two men at the same time…her husband and a priest of the Catholic Church?”

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Meet Marie Colligan:

A native of Jersey City, NJ, Marie finds her retirement in Lynchburg, VA. just the ticket for an ex-city girl. Having spent most of her leisure time sitting in the audience of New York City theaters, she now sits at her computer crafting lovely characters in authentic settings that populate her sensual, romantic novels.

She has won several writing awards in Fiction–most recently a 1st Place Award in a Writers’ Journal contest. Marie facilitates a weekly writer’s critique group. and is a member of the Hampton Road Writers, the Hillcity Writers the Piedmont Literary Group –all in Virginia–and the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers in Pennsylvania.

She is married, has one son and one grandson…and a rascal dachshund, Ebenezer.