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Lost and Found by Karen L. Syed (On Sale Now)

Lost and Found by Karen L. SyedAllison Ryder is not having her best day. Thanks to the Texas weather, the placement of a seemingly insignificant flyer on the windshield of her car has opened up a big ol’ can of worms. First, there’s the near miss with a dreamy brown-eyed man (Did we mention his not-so-charming attitude?). Then there is the overzealous new neighbor (a big wet dog who wants to play with Al in the rain). Then there is her dear and meddlesome best friend who wants everyone to be happy (her parents should have named her Cupid). All in all, things can’t get any worse!

Will Hoyt can’t believe he’s lost his dog. He wonders how he’ll ever be able to care for his niece if he can’t keep a pooch in hand. The flyers seemed like a good idea, until it rained, and the crazy lady in town tried to run over him. It’s taken some time to fall into a place where he could care for his late sister’s teenage daughter (What was he thinking? She’s a teenage girl!) The good news is that the dog has been found…but by the crazy lady. Things could be worse!

Even the rain can’t smother the sparks that fly between Will and Allison, so is it any wonder that their relationship will have to face off against chaos? (Did we mention the marriage?) But of course love is not all peaches and cream when Will faces the possibility of losing everything he holds dear.

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