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In Shadows by Rebecca S. Foote (On Sale Now)

In Shadows by Rebecca S. FooteIn the fall of 1832, London, England, Ariana Dallenhauf begins an unlikely journey into the dark reaches of the unknown. Her guide and mentor, Dimitri Rochester, takes the young woman and attempts to transform her into what he deems more worthy, an immortal; for Dimitri Rochester is the shadow that consumes light; he is an artful killer, a vampire. Although Ariana is reluctant, she has no choice but to follow Dimitri into her new existence.

While adapting to her new life, Ariana discovers that her assumptions about Dimitri are wrong and her feelings for him have changed into something more passionate. In gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a vampire, Ariana discovers her history with vampires goes back further than she ever imagined, for she is in the middle of a legend and has become part of its unfolding story.

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Meet Rebecca S. Foote:

Rebecca S. Foote grew up the second to the youngest child amongst five siblings. Needless to say, there was almost always something going on in her home with such a large family. During her youth she enjoyed writing, art, and music which she practiced with her sisters. Rebecca loved creating artwork and writing poetry whenever she had the opportunity.

After she married and started a family, she attended college and worked in the fields of finance and law, but her love of literature kept pulling her back to creative pursuits and she began to write otherworldly adventures involving romance and dark fantasy. Rebecca and her family live in Salt Lake City, Utah where she works and is involved in the community. In Shadows is her debut novel.

Quick Facts:

Author Name:  Rebecca S. Foote
Title:  In Shadows
Word Count: 83,200
ISBN: eBook 9781590808559
Price: $2.99
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Target Audience (Ages): 16 and older
Author Email: