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Superior Longing by Patrica Deuson

Superior Longing by Patricia DeusonLife is what happens when you’re looking elsewhere. Looking elsewhere is also dangerous.

Neva Moore is the administrator/accountant/ instructor/renovator-in-residence at Cooks’ Inn, quaintly settled on the central Californian coast. Neva has put more than a little time and effort into the upcoming opening of the Inn, but as the big day draws near, she finds something is amiss.

Each day as Neva deals with the little things involved, she finds herself exhausted from jumping over unforeseen hurdles. What Neva can’t understand is why her boss seems hell-bent on making sure the Inn doesn’t open.

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Patricia Deuson:

It may be that climbing up the rickety scaffolding inside the Khufu pyramid in Giza when she was 8 moths pregnant,  the birth of her first kid on an island in the Nile, or living in any one of  5 African countries, some of which were not undergoing a revolution at the time, could be called exciting. But Pat, whose been writing for a long time in many and various places, some where the electricity was ‘spotty’ and food was scarce, finds it plenty exciting enough to live and write in California. And she hopes you like her California based Sierra Nevada Moore mystery series.


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