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Totally Fishy by Gale Borger

Buzz Miller is up to her hip waders in trouble…again. 

Two South American scientists swim in dangerous waters while assassins stalk them. A world-famous tropical fish collector is on a mountaintop involved in something very shady and totally fishy. 

In White Bass Lake, two bargain basement hit men keep knocking off the wrong guys, and Buzz and her sister Fred find it more and more difficult to separate their criminal cases from the basket cases as 80-year-old Mary Cromwell is pole dancing on a parking meter in a blue go-go dress and orthopedic shoes! 

Eventually, Buzz and Fred, along with the two scientists and a limo driver from Queens, try to reel in the bad guys while dodging bullets in the Venezuelan jungle. They dig up more than dirt when people and fish are dropping dead all around them, and they find themselves in danger of swimming with the fishes–permanently! 

Can the Miller Sisters snag the bad guys hook, line, and sinker, or are they just cutting bait? 

Welcome back to the zany world of the Miller Sisters where the brats are on the grill, the bait is on the hook and the Miller Sisters reel in another bad guy while leaving you up to your gills in laughter!


People are raving about the Miller Sister:

“Crazy, funny, and nuts…I can’t wait for the next one to come out!” ~Ben Lentz, Mystery Lover’s Reviews on Totally Buzzed.

“A comical mystery (or perhaps a mysterious comedy) with racing dialogue, colorful description, and somewhat circuitous action. The tangled plot holds readers’ interest right from the intriguing and wholly surprising first few pages.”  ~Linda Ann Nickerson Book Reviews


Gale Borger is the author of the hilarious Miller Sisters Mysteries, Totally Buzzed and Totally Fishy. Her short story, Totally Decked, delighted readers Christmas season, 2010. Gale is published by Echelon Press. 

The Olive Branch Mystery series begins with Part #1, Death of a Garden Hoe. This is the first installment of six eBooks designed to encourage reluctant readers to “dig in” and read. Part #2, Digging up Dirt, is followed by Kill me Over the Garden Gate, You Say Tomahto, and I Say You’re Dead, Hosta la Vista, Baby., andEverything’s Coming up Roses. 

Gale has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Education. She lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband Bob, their sometimes-seen college student (dragging a trombone and her dirty laundry behind her), two dogs, two cats, about 1,000 tropical fish, a Pac-man frog, two turtles, and more flowers in her yard than grass. 

Visit Gale at

 The Miller Sisters Mysteries

  • Totally Buzzed [Book One]
  • Totally Decked [A Holiday Short eBook]
  • Totally Fishy [Book Two]

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