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A Friend in Need

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site. If this is your first time, WELCOME! If you have been here before, we are so glad you came back. What you are about to read is NOT our normal offerings, but we feel very strongly about it.

We have an author amongst our ranks named D.M. Anderson, We know him as Dave. Dave recently had his first novel published with Echelon/Quake. You may have seen his KILLER COWS tweets and posts ALL over. Dave is a really neat guy and he is a very important member of our group.

Recently, Dave came down with the flu, which turned into pneumonia. Complications from that came up and caused an infection that attacked the linings of his heart and lungs causing them to begin to fail. Dave has had surgery and is currently in ICU on a respirator.

Dave is a teacher and has a family at home wishing he were home for the holidays. We would like to ask for your help. As a side  note, Dave recently pledged to donate all of his eBook royalties to one of his former students who has cancer.

We would like to ask that if you are reading this note that you consider buying a copy of Dave’s KILLER COWS. There are a number of ways you can do this.

1. Order from your local bookstore and support the indies.

2. Order from any online retailer.

3. Send $15.00 via PayPal to [] and we will send you a copy. If you order with option #3, I will match Dave’s royalty for each book ordered using this option.

We’re not asking you to pay our author’s bills. We’re asking you to help us do it. You get a great book in the bargain and this book is great fun for readers of ALL ages. And the gift-giving season is upon us. Your kids will thank you for this one.

Thanks for even considering this.


Killer cows! They’re big! They’re angry! They smell bad! They’re coming!

The only thing standing in their way is a lonely 14-year-old, whether he’s ready or not… Randy Meyer is the new kid in Satus Creek, a tiny farm town where nothing ever happens, and his days are filled with tedium. Then one summer afternoon, a meteor crashes nearby. It’s just the first in a series of events that will not only change his life, but threaten the entire planet. Soon after, vicious cows are on the rampage all over the country, and they’re not of this Earth!

Armed with a newly-discovered flying saucer he doesn’t know how to fly, and a misfit group of new friends he doesn’t entirely trust, Randy is forced to grow up fast if he’s going to make decisions that will not only help him fit-in with his new peers, but save the world from a fate worse than death!


10 thoughts on “A Friend in Need

  1. I’ve pledged to DONATE all my incoming royalties between now and Christmas, to a friend in need, so that he can quickly recover and spend Christmas with his family. Buy TORN FROM NORMAL, paperback or digital and you will do us a great favor. You can find the details here: TORN FROM NORMAL. If you like to purchases directly from me, I will donate the entire amount per book, leave a comment.

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