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People are talking about Marian Allen

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This review is from: Eel’s Reverence (Kindle Edition)

I just finished this book, encouraged to buy it after reading about Marian and her characters on one of her tours through book review blogs.

Eel’s Reverence is a fantasy allegory that wonderfully compares a humble heart of a “true” priest to “reaver priests” who would take advantage of others through a demanding litany of subservience. Eel’s Reverence explores relationships between friends and enemies, and all the results of dealing with hard choices. As a Christian, I had no trouble relating to the allegory in this novel, and the conflicts that arise in real life. Very well done, with a new conflict, just as I thought the story would end. Marian Allen is an accomplished storyteller. My money was well spent – if you enjoy fantasy or allegorical stories, yours will be too!

(c) Karen Overturf


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