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The Key by Lois Carroll

Can opposites really be attracted? 

Kari is an underpaid American social worker on vacation in England.

Jeffreys, the owner of a manor house,  has lived the life of a recluse since the disappearance of his wife and young daughter. 

When a spirit pushes Kari into a muddy stream in Jeffreys’ garden, his life of solitude is irrevocably interrupted, but was it Kari’s imagination or is there a dark secret concerning his family to be discovered? 

More importantly, can she take the chance of hurting Jeffreys by acting against his wishes and following the clues left by the spirit?

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Lois Carroll has been writing since her childhood when she received a daily diary as a gift.  With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a master’s in Theater, she began her professional writing and editing career working at a publishing company.  Now a wife, mother, and grandmother, she writes full time. To date she has published three hard cover books, two paperbacks, over a dozen e-books, plus short stories and non-fiction articles in national magazines. She has this and two other novels, a hard cover and a paperback, coming out in 2010. You can read about her available books and email her through her web site at: http://home.roadrunner.com/~topromances/lois_carroll/


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