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A Dirty Way to Die

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You think you’ve got problems? 

Sherman “Manny” Shepherd, P.I. has always been plagued by Shepherd’s Luck, an ability to sense when bad shit is about to happen. His most recent bout hits just before he sits down with his Vietnam vet buddy, Marty, and watches as Marty’s girlfriend Rita Hayward gets slammed to death in the mud by a well-stacked gal calling herself Screaming Eagle. 

Mired in shock, guilt, and a drunken haze, Marty coerces Manny, a local private eye with little on his plate, to figure out why Rita died in front of an SRO crowd watching and cheering at Peoria’s Heart of Illinois fair. After all, back in earlier days at Neelys Landing, Missouri, Rita was a star gymnast. So how could a simple Judo throw have killed her? 

No way is Manny going to jeopardize his tenuous, yet sensual relationship, with Tazewell County’s District Attorney, Lisa Shelton, to hang around half-naked, oiled-bodied beauties with names like Virgin Witch, Passion Queen, Midnight Fire, and Holy Terror, just to find out the obvious–Princess Lay-ya aka Rita Hayward just took a bad…okay, seriously bad header. 

But after hearing Marty’s heart-wrenching story of Rita’s journey to professional mud wrestler fame, and the haunting image of Rita’s single staring dead eye watching him, Manny decides to take the leap onto the St. Louis Slingers on-tour bus. Shepherd’s Luck bites him again, this time amidst boobs and bullets while he hunts down a scheming, sadistic killer.

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J. Douglas Knauer got her first critical review for a poem about her Peoria, IL Brownie Troupe. Multiple years later her first novel, Ecstasy Reclaimed by Brandy LaRue sold to Berkley/Jove, then came eight Illinois Press Association awards during a seven-year journalism stint. She has sold to several magazines, including Over My Dead Body. Her novel Bad Catholics, a Novel of Dark Suspense can be purchased directly from her. In 2010, Echelon Press will electronic publish A Dirty Way to Die, a Manny Shepherd P.I. novel.


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