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A Beacon of Light to Shine at 2010 Printers Row Lit Fest

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June 6, 2010–Laurel, Maryland–When it comes to engaging readers, Romantic Mystery author and California resident Anne Carter is a master. Ms. Carter will join several of her Echelon Press colleagues for two extraordinary days of books in Chicago at the 2010 Printers Row Lit Fest. Anne Carter will sign copies of her Lighthouse novels, POINT SURRENDER and a limited number of Advance Copies of her next release, CAPE SEDUCTION. Readers can meet Anne Carter at Booth “FF” at the festival in Chicago, IL. You can find more information on Printers Row online or contact the Chicago Tribune.

Anne Carter says, “I’ve been a storyteller since 7th grade, when I began dreaming up romance stories to tell my younger sister at bedtime.” Raised in Southern California where she, her husband and three children make their home, Anne runs a small bookkeeping business when she is not fleshing out the next scene to her current book.

Recently, writing under her “other” name–Pam Ripling–Anne ventured into teen fiction with the release of LOCKER SHOCK! published by Quake. “Having raised two teenage boys, writing middle grade fiction seemed like a natural. After significant nagging on the part of fans, a follow up to LOCKER SHOCK is in the works. OLD ENOUGH will focus on Ben’s friends Zack and Alyssa, and will deal with new problems at Midland School.

“I was a fan of Anne Carter’s before she became an Echelon author. She has such a beautiful style of writing that it is impossible not to feel every bit of emotion she pours into a story. As far as storytellers go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better than her,” says President and CEO of Echelon Press.

CAPE SEDUCTION is her best book yet.

After being the backdrop for 1948’s critically acclaimed tragic romance, Cape Seduction, Northern California’s Dragon Rock Lighthouse sat shuttered and abandoned for decades—and it also happened to be the last place up-and-coming Hollywood starlet Darla Foster was seen alive.

Other Echelon authors readers will enjoy chatting and getting autographs from include L.J. Sellers (SECRETS TO DIE FOR), Joel Fox (LINCOLN’S HAND), Margot Justes (A HOTEL IN PARIS), Marc Vun Kannon (A WARRIOR MADE), Beth Solheim (AT WITT’S END), and Chicago favorites Luisa Buehler (THE INN KEEPER) and Nero Wolfe author Robert Goldsborough (A PRESIDENT IN PERIL).

For more info on Echelon Press, Quake, or any of its authors contact Karen Syed at or 301-490-2507. On site Interviews can be arranged for the Printers Row Lit Fest.


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