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Hey What Happened?

It looks different, doesn’t it? I’m not sure how many of you follow me (Karen Syed, president of Echelon Press) on Twitter, but if you do, then you know that in February our site got hacked. I don’t mean someone poked around in our e-mail or anything like that. I mean it got hacked by very intelligent, yet utterly stupid people, who not only moved things around in our web files, but deleted files, added their own files, and a host of other nasty things.

We made every effort to fix the problems and get the wen store up and running properly, but to no end, we just could not make it a safe environment for you to shop in. So, we did this. We have set up this site to keep you informed of all the cool things going on at Echelon Press and all of our other divisions.

If all goes as planned, we will be posting news about new authors, upcoming books, specials, contests, and whatever else we can think of to amuse you and ourselves. Some of these posts may be fun, others may be informational. Who the heck knows.

What we do know is that we still want you to buy our books. We know that Amazon.com is the most popular place online to buy books, so we have set up an a-store for your convenience. You can click on the link on the right that says BUY OUR BOOKS. It’s okay,really. Go ahead, click it…I’ll wait…did you buy something? What did you buy? We’d love to know what you bought and why. As a publisher, it is your comments and suggestions that allow us to grow, so don’t be shy. Go ahead, tell us.

Okay, so that is my post for the day. Oh one more bit of News: James Appledorn is no longer working with the Explorations division. All submissions have been forwarded to the appropriate person and will be responded to as quickly as we can.

We’d like to thank Scott (James) for all his hard work with Explorations, but at this time he is going to focus on furthering his education…he is working on his Business degree and we wish him all the best in that.

Click Cover to Buy Now!

Today’s Featured Title: 

When Social worker Raina Hughes visits the home of a young boy she’s been assigned to monitor, things quickly turn ugly. Later, when she’s found brutally murdered, Detective Wade Jackson is confident it’s an open-and-shut case against the boy’s ex-con father.

But nothing is as it seems and complications develop when new evidence points to a serial rapist who’s becoming more violent with each attack. Raina’s lover Jamie knows what the rape victims have in common, but won’t tell for fear of revealing her own secrets.

When Jamie disappears, Jackson knows time is running out and he’s determined to discover the truth before the body count goes any higher.


6 thoughts on “Hey What Happened?

  1. Karen
    I placed an order on the webpage last Friday. Did not receive a email confirmation. Left a voice mail for you requesting confirmaiton. Please let me know. I need these books for an author event on May 22.

  2. Hi Karen,
    I’m glad to know you are back on for selling books. I have been trying to contact you since early March as you requested a full ms for echelon shorts. The gmail accounts are not working. Please email me with an email address to send the ms, bio, and marketing plan. Thanks.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the hacker, Karen. That’s awful!

    It looks like you’ve gotten a lot done with this site since then, but I’m sure it’s been stressful and time-consuming. I hope your authors appreciate you.

    Wishing you the very best in hacker-free bookselling.

    Take care.

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif
    Canadian suspense author

  4. I found your company and made a Kindle book purchase tonight based solely on a comment you posted on another blog. Specifically, you mentioned that you would gladly assist readers who might be hindered by Amazon DRM download restrictions. The restrictions do not apply to your books but nevertheless I appreciate your willingness to maintain the rights of readers while also venturing in ebook publishing. Thank you!

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