Welcome Back!

ksyed-funThere have been so many rumors about the demise of Echelon Press. The rumors are greatly exagerated. In fact, we are coming back stronger than ever.

For thirteen years, Echelon has been entertaining readers. We’ve made some mistakes and we’ve learned from them. With that said, I want to invite you to get reaquainted with us.

There will be new books and stories, updated versions of previously published works, and perhaps even some giveaways.

It would please us greatly if you would find it in your budget…er heart… to support our authors. Honestly, I am confident that once we infiltrate your wallet, we will have earned your heart and your loyalty as an Echelon reader.

Oh, and one more favor. When you read an Echelon/Quake book/story would you be so kind as to take a moment and share your thoughts (in the business we call this a review.) We love knowing what readers think of our work. It keeps us growing as writers, and people.

I welcome your thoughts and opinions. You can reach me directly at echelonpress@gmail.com.

Happy Reading!

Karen Syed

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One thought on “Welcome Back!

  1. grimkittie August 11, 2014 at 4:46 am Reply

    I’m looking for a book you used to publish called Anna chase and the butterfly girls by Jaden b grace

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